PSP Review: MLB The Show 10

MLB The Show PSP cover

Let’s start with the obvious question I have been asked. How are the graphics? Well lets see if you are crazy enough to compare the graphics to MLB 10 The Show on the PS3 you are nuts. Remember folks the PSP has only 480 x 272 pixels. That is in no way close to the PS3. If the graphics bother you then have a look at the details that Sony put into the game.

While I was playing with, of course the Yankees, I hit a line drive with a man in scoring position towards Dustin Pedroia. He made the catch and Alex Rodriguez kicked his foot to show aggravation that after the catch was actually made. Another thing I noticed, if that situation happens with the runner in scoring position and the third out was made the animation changes and the runner shows his frustration by grabbing the bill of his hat giving it the “holy crap” feeling. At least that is how I felt. The diving, running, jumping is pretty much the same as always. These are just a few of many little details this game has to offer.

A lot of friends have asked me about the actual gameplay. Well, this aspect is an acquired taste for some. At first, the hardest thing to do is get a hold on the timing of the batting feature. Just know that the X button is to swing with regular strength and the Square button is for power… oh yeah and timing is key. The first couple of games I played drove me up a wall. Throwing two and three hitters on defense while being shut out offensively really stings. Once I got a hand on it my batting average shot up.

Now as far as the pitching goes, that drove me a little crazy. I almost had to get a hand transplant to control the little analog stick on the PSP. I must have thrown a 90 hitter with about 60 walks. I know its drastic but that is how it felt. I found myself hitting batters, throwing wild pitches and not finding the strike zone. After a while, 8 to 10 games to be exact, i got a hold on the pitching. Just like in real life the players can go into slumps making you feel like an ace at times. Don’t get too excited the game seems to adapt to your level of play so mix it up a little. Make a mistake and the computer will make you pay. If you know what i mean. Then to add a little salt to your wound, the homer poses are a great touch. So the next time he came to bat i tried to keep the ball inside and actually hit him and a very cool touch to the game he started to dispute with the pitcher and Jorge Posada. A nice little wow factor for me.
The game seems to pick up on your pitches rather easy. Leave a pitch over the plate to a slugger like I did with David Ortiz and you will surely pay. Goodbye, see ya, its gone…… sorry.

One cool feature MLB The Show 10 on PSP has is the create a player function. So if your childhood dream was to make the majors here is your chance. Your weight, height all come into play. You can choose your favorite position but its a thought process that has to come into play. I will touch on that a little more later. The show allows with their new feature, custom batting stance. For example, if you like the way Albert Pujols bats you can give his batting stance to your player. I, of course, put Alex Rodriguez’s batting stance on my player. Once i saw that feature I got excited because i have a problem with generic batting stances. Yes a dream but now a video game reality. I am now a pro…..

Lets touch a little on the Road to The Show feature. As I commented before a thought process comes into play with the position choosing. This function gives you the chance to work your way up to the pros. now there are a couple of positions that stink as far as this feature. Fielding is a mess. Not all plays go your way so you can wait a while before your player is used in defense. Don’t get me wrong if you are a middle infielder you have a lot of work to do. Play cut off man, cover second base on a steel, and field your position. Your true baseball skills will be tested. Now if you choose to be a pitcher is kinda cool, you run the show on your outing. If you are a National League pitcher you even get the option to bat. Nice!!!!!

Online play is not a fun thing. At least when I try the AD-HOC mode it is very hard to pair up a game. Reasons being, if you don’t really know anyone you will sit there waiting. I am a little too impatient for all that waiting.

Final Thought: MLB The Show is a great take with you anywhere baseball game. The biggest thing that sticks out to me is the attention to detail Sony put behind the PSP version. Do I think it ill help you with MLB The Show for other systems, no. It is just a Take with you and have a good time playing video game. If i were to rate it from 1 to ten I would give it an 8. See for yourself pick up your copy of MLB The Show 10.


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