Review: Comet Crash, Attack-n-Defend

Comet Crash

Tower Defense games can be fun. Pixel Junk Monsters was one of the PlayStation Network’s first and still holds up a year later. But unlike Pixel Junk, Comet Crash introduces an offensive strategy. Mix it with various weapons and upgrades, can Comet Crash save the world?

Asteroids need not apply.  While Comet Crash isn’t brought to you in noticeable HD glory (although it’s 1080p) or 5.1 surround sound, it does bring easy to learn gameplay.  The game is a top-down view with two stations on each side of the map and you control a space ship.  Both parties missions are to destroy the other station first.  And for the first time, this tower defense game includes the ability to fight back… with strategy mind you.  Who knows, maybe Comet Crash sets a new genre class — Tower Offense.

Defense is the key to winning. Like most sports, a solid defense wins games. This is very much the case when playing any Tower Defense games. It’s in the phrase for crying out loud — Tower DEFENSE. My approach for solid defense in Comet Crash was to make the enemies scouts travel as much as possible using turrets as walls. The further they travel, the more punishment you can dish out as you upgrade your turrets.

Comet Crash

Turrets, Lasers and Tanks oh my.  All the tools for a successful Tower Defense game are here… and some.  Your scouts are the primary attackers. They are held within your base until you see fit to release them and attack.  The more Basic Ops bases you put down, the more infantry you’ll have to attack with.  But be sure to place them in areas where the least amount of traffic occurs so you can place your main turrets along they’re travel outline (arrows on floor dictate where the enemy will travel).

The push and pull approach.  To combat enemy forsec, know that for every attack there is a counter-attack.  Comet Crash’s tutorial does a great job describing how to use certain turrets, weapons etc.  One feature I thought gave a lot of the challenge, is the ability to use hints.  Pelfast must have thought the game can get too challenging without them so I’m sure most gamers thank them for this, but I’m old-school.  Let me sweat it out, curse, throw my controller down and when all else fails, Call Nintendo Power..err the hotline is still available right?

Comet Crash

Resources in RTS.  In this real-time strategy game you’ll notice the very easy form of resources occur after your turrets blast the dam comets hovering around you’re “no fly zone”.  Your ship is equipped with tractor beams (R2) which can pull the comet/asteroid to your ship for proper blast navigation paths.  The bigger Comets shell out the larger amounts of points.  You can spend your points to then upgrade existing towers or build new ones.  One of your buildings/turrets taking damage, don’t worry, hovering over that damaged building (press triangle) will cost you a low amount of points and get it back to new.

Gathering the troops.  Comet crashing with 2-4 offline buddies is a lot of fun too.  Everyone begins by dropping your main station somewhere on the map.  Try to be a little strategic here because the other opponents are trying to destroy your base.  This is where Pelfast provided solid gameplay.  With so much action going on at once, I did not notice any lag.  There was so much on-screen blasts but becasue of their simple design, managed to deliver great performance.

Offensive Tower Defense
Challenging Campaign Puzzles
Simple credit system

No Online play
Unnoticeable 1080p visuals
Loose ship controls

Comet Crash

Comet Crash really deserves a look especially if you’re into tower defense (TD) games. While it might not compare to Pixel Junk Monsters it is comparable and equal to another PSN tower defense title — Savage Moon. The ability to defend and attack, make Pelfast’s TD a puzzling treat.


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