The Sony NGP Will Set Your Pants on Fire!


Just kidding!  On a serious note, over the past couple of months, I kept reading stories on various gaming blogs claiming that the PSP2 (NGP) was as powerful as the PS3.  I grew real curious about the situation and wondered what the hell kind of battery Sony developed to pull that off.  Answers have finally surfaced (logical ones) and we definitely know that the NGP will not be as poweful as the PS3.  According to David Coombes, a platform research manager at Sony, creating a portable with that much power is not feasible.  “Some people in the press have said wow, this thing… could be as powerful as PS3. Well, it’s not going to run at 2GHz because the battery would last five minutes,” said Coombes. “And it would probably set fire to your pants.”

With that said, we definitely know that the NGP isn’t as powerful as many were claiming, but it’s still an extremely powerful portable option.  What we would like to know is the price.  Hopefully something concerning that will surface in the near future.

Via GamesRadar

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2 responses to “The Sony NGP Will Set Your Pants on Fire!”

  1. harry says:

    haha! cant wait to feel that! great picture! lol

  2. Kezins says:

    thanks. I had to use that pic when I saw it.

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