alone in the dark

My 5 Most Disappointing Ports of all Time!

Well we didn’t mean bad gun ports, we meant bad game ports… Anyhow, just because the title of a game is the same it doesn’t mean that the game will be the same. Developers have had the daunting task of porting games to run on various platforms throughout time. In…

IGN’s 13 Scariest Video Games

Post 8: 13 Posts on Friday The 13th I’m just about getting fed up with this Friday the 13th {Theme Day}, but as I write these lists I’m reminded just how superstitious people can get.  The games mentioned are: 7th Guest Alone In the Dark Resident Evil Silent Hill System…

Trailer Trash: Alone in the Dark

Checking out the 3 minute video below, will have you feeling jumpy. I’m excited for the release but unfortunately we PS3 owners will have to wait. Cause this Tuesday, June 24th, Alone in the Dark will be released for X360, Wii, PS2, and PC. [ad#razer-gaming-accessories]