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EA Announces Skate 3 To Release In May 2010


Do you have a burning desire to grind, grip, and flip over anything and everything across a virtual city?  Have you played Skate & Skate 2 so much that you actually get bruised up every time your character takes a fall?  All those hours of performing insane stunts in Skate & Skate 2 won’t go …

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Breaking News: Nintendo Announces DSi

Well, it looks like all those rumors about a new device are true. Nintendo announces their latest handheld system, the DSi. In a Japan News Conference, Nintendo announced today their latest handheld system and it’s called the DSi. Similar to the previous DSLite, with some leaner muscle. Nintendo’s also launching an online DSi shop, which …

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NO PS3 Price Cut at Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany – SCEE spokesman Nick Caplin says “It’s not going to happen. If you’re coming for that you’ll be disappointed,” speaking about Sony PlayStation’s 3 price cut. Those expecting for Sony to announce a price cut for the PS3 aren’t getting their wish this year. In Leipzig, on August 20-22, Europe’s Biggest Video Games …

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Old School Sundays: E3 Edition, Mega Man

In tribute of this past weeks announcement of Mega Man 9, we’re going back to 1987 to bring you how it all started… Mega Man part uno.  Known to some as Rockman, Megaman, developed by Capcom, was a side scrolling action NES game.  Mega Man was the only NES Mega Man title to feature a …

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Blizzard Announces Diablo 3

How many more days of teasers were we going to see on Blizzards’ site.  After 8 long years since Diablo 2, fans will not need to wait much longer.  With the Announcement of Diablo 3 conveniently before E3, we can say “expect to see it there”.  In the meantime, “What info do we know about …

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