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Latest iPad 3 Rumour Roundup

The iPad 3 is just two weeks away from its rumoured launch date, and the rumours and leaks continue – a shell here, a chip or two here. Let’s have a look at how the iPad 3 is shaping up. CPU and Graphics The iPad 3 now looks like it’ll…

iPad 2 Officially Announced

Apple Inc. today officially announced their latest tablet, the iPad 2.  CEO Steve Jobs made his way to the unveiling stating, he did not want to miss this.  Available to ship on March 11th, the new iPad 2 will come in both white and black.

Dreamcast VMU and iPod Nano Finally Fused

When I think of the Dreamcast’s VMU (Visual Memory Unit), I have a lot of fond memories considering how advanced it was for its time.  I mean, not only did it contain all of your save game data, but depending on the game, it also was used to show information…