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SingStar: The Beatles Rock Band is Real


Are you ready for a Frankenstein product?  Well, last month there were reports of a Beatles Singstar making it’s way to the PS3.  Since then we’ve learned those were just rumors (or rumours for you UK fans ).  So we were given SingStar: Queen instead.  Good game, just hard to match the talents of Freddy …

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Beatles Rock Band Avatar Shirt Giveaway

Happening right now over at gogaminggiant.com is a Beatles Rock Band Avatar T-shirt giveaway.  The contest is simple and the reward is awesome.  Show off your cool Beatles Rock Band T-shirt provided by last week’s event at PAX through your Xbox Live account.  Follow the link below and be sure to comment to get yourself …

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E3 2009: Schedule of Events; Mass Effect 2, Modern Warefare 2, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain Too


All 2′s (sequels) on the last day of E3. The final day of E3 is approaching.  While E3 will be coming to a close today the games that were announced, demo’d and trailer’d will continue in development until their release date.  But let’s not allow the conclusion of E3 affect our heads that much.  There …

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E3 2009: Beatles Rock Band Official Trailer, Confirmed Songs List


Beatles Rock Band Release Date — 09.09.09 — don’t forget that date.  In this trailer for Beatles Rock Band you finally get to see the great visuals, hear some of the tracks you will play and get a taste of how the 3 part harmony will work.

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Rumor: Harmonize with Beatles Rock Band, Me-he-he-haah


Right when you think “Beatles coming to Rock Band” is a great idea for all the hippy soccer moms, news breaks out that harmonizing within the game may be possible.  In May’s issue of Game Informer, a rumor suggesting that multiple microphones will be used to sing along with the Fab Four.  This opens the …

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