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Bionic Commando Multiplayer Demo ‘Swinging’ To You Soon!


See what I did there with the subject? I bet no other journalist thought of incorporating the fact that there’s a lot of swinging in Bionic Commando into their article’s subjects. That’s the kind of extra effort we give here at PerezStart. Enough of my self praise.  Capcom announced today that a multiplayer demo will …

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See What The Bionic Arm Can Do In This Bionic Commando Video

When I think of Bionic Commando, I think of the old-school game where you swing from place to place to reach the end of the level.  Capcom is reviatlizing the Bionic Commando franchise to this current generation of game platforms. Last summer, they released Bionic Commando Rearmed which was the old-school game that we all …

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Biohazard in Japan, Resident Evil in US


Some of you knew that Resident Evil was named after the first game’s location taking place in a mansion.  But did you know the same title is named Biohazard in Japan.  Well then Good for you.  But for the rest of us that shut our eyes to the east, here’s an explanation on why the …

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Versus Mode DLC Delayed for Resident Evil 5

Capcom’s upcoming DLC “Versus mode” for RE5 was supposed to be released on March 26th, but sources tell us it’s been pushed back. Versus Mode adds two rules of competitive play to Resident Evil 5.  Slayers is a race to defeat the most enemies.  Survivors has players face off against one another selecting from a …

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Capcom Says, PS1 Games Coming to PSN


Although no titles have been released, many are speculating that the ‘Resident Evil’ series would make there way to the PlayStation Store (PSN).  Many are also speculating it could very well be the ‘Breath of Fire’ series as well. Capcom VP of Strategic Planning, Christian Svensson said, “The first PS1 titles for PSN were submitted …

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