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Interview with Candy Keane


Everyone has a passion that they love doing and of course the dream would be to be able to do that passion as a profession or just be able to solely do that for the rest of their lives. Depending on what you love to do it takes a lot of work and dedication to …

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ConnectiCon’s Youngest Participant

The only child to participate in the Cosplay Masquerade at ConnectiCon, Aurora took the stage by herself and performed a ballet piece cosplaying as Princess Tutu from the anime. A beautifully well done performance, and a very beautiful cosplay, it was an inspiring sight to see such a young child show a crowd full of …

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“I am a nerd!”

I am a Nerd

  It takes a lot of skill, passion, and even a little courage to be a cosplayer. It takes those same attributes to also perform in the cosplay masquerade at any Anime or Comic Book convention. At the 2011 ConnectiCon, cosplayer Katelynn Yvon took those attributes to a higher level. At the ConnectiCon Cosplay Masquerade, …

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Cosplayer: Kitsune Dolly Interview

On Thursday February 17, 2011, FIT held the Tokyo Fashion Festa at Katie Murphy Amphitheatre. A small fashion show with extraordinary cosplayers. One of whom I had to pleasure of meeting and working with, cosplayer Kitsune Dolly. Kistune who has been cosplaying for 5yrs now, began here start into cosplay world after attending her NYCC …

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