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Battlefield 3: Top 10 Multiplayer Tips

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With a game with so many different weapons and abilities to unlock, it can be hard to know which items and tactics are the most effective, particularly if you’re new to the Battlefield series. This article looks to share some of the coolest ways I’ve found to succeed in Battlefield 3′s multiplayer, whether by helping …

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Battlefield 3, First Impression. Wow!


Last night, I was deliriously happy. I was running around my flat, waving my arms and bouncing up and down, stopping occasionally to run over to my girlfriend and shake her in excitement. The reason for this madness? Battlefield 3 was out. More importantly, Battlefield 3 was out a full four days earlier than I’d …

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First Battlefield 3 Footage Leaked, Release Date Below


Here is your first Battlefield 3 leaked photo taken directly from a PS3 testing session. Dice has a great competitor in it’s hands that can easily go up against Modern Warfare 3. Question is, do you see enough in this picture that sells you? I know many FPS players are looking to make the switch, …

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Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Multiplayer


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 may have a mediocre solo campaign but makes up for it in the multiplayer department. It’s the real bread and butter of your purchase and it does not disappoint. With your choice of 4 unique classes, an arsenal of weapons, land, air, and sea vehicles, and destructible environments; you can’t go …

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Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Campaign


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is another installment in the hugely popular Battlefield series and sequel to DICE’s 2008’s Battlefield: Bad Company (BF:BC). The solo campaign continues the tale of the B-Company “misfits” and involves an all new storyline this time around. Players will take arms on foot, tanks, and choppers while experiencing in more weaponry …

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