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Elfen Lied Anime’s Op “Lilium” Played On Organ During Mass


I have been a fan of Elfen Lied quite a while now, I would have to say it is in my top 5 of favorite watched anime. It’s opening song “Lilium” was also one I held close to my heart, and still do to this day. Why, I have even said I want the song …

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Top 5 Animes I Highly Recommend! See If Yours Made The List!


1. Chobits Chobits revolves an alternate reality where robots and humans coexist, we are actually closer to this reality nowadays then we think! The robots in this series are called persacoms and they help humans in their day to day errands. Some happen to be maids, nurses, hand held devices as well as companions and …

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Elfen Lied Nyuu/Lucy Figure Is One Hot Little Number!


Can’t get enough of Elfen Lied’s Nyuu/Lucy? Well… I have good news and bad news. Are you ready? Good news is that hobbywave.com had an exclusive Nyuu/Lucy figure but the bad news is, that it is sold out. I still would like to share it with you though because it was pretty neat and I …

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Scariest and Bloodiest Anime of All time: Elfen Lied

Post 12: 13 Posts on Friday The 13th If you love the goriest of the gore, violence, nudity and torment then  Elfen Lied is the anime of choice for you. Basically it is a cross between  Fight Club, Friday the 13th and any movie you can think of where the main character  becomes evil and demented …

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