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Metal Gear Name Generator

Gray Fox, Solid Snake and Big Boss.  Wouldn’t you like you very own unique Metal Gear Name?  Check out this website, which tags you with a first and last name.  Mine happens to be Inebriated Beetle.  I guess that’s cool.  What’s your code name? “Input your first and last name, and you’ll be given your …

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Playstation 3 Firmware 2.40 available July 2nd

The much anticipated release of the coolest firmware to date will be released on Wednesday July 2nd.  To go along with the in-game XMB will also be PS3′s Trophy System.  Here’s what we can expect and what game we can expect to see the Trophy system in use: Super Stardust HD, a PLAYSTATION Network-exclusive released …

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Blizzard Announces Diablo 3

How many more days of teasers were we going to see on Blizzards’ site.  After 8 long years since Diablo 2, fans will not need to wait much longer.  With the Announcement of Diablo 3 conveniently before E3, we can say “expect to see it there”.  In the meantime, “What info do we know about …

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First Look: Fight Night Round 4, Mike Tyson + Latest Roster

Coming to a next generation console near you PS3 and X360 in 2009 is the recently announced ‘Fight Night Round 4′.  After many days of researching the confirmed roster, we have gathered and confirmed this information with our EA contact.  Unfortunately, the list is not complete but we’re working on it. For the first time …

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Japanese Would Rather Read than Listen

In a survey taken by game journalists in 2007, it’s discoveries about Japanese gamers inspired me to write about it. Ever notice that most games made in Japan have subtitles? (and not because they’re in Japanese, wiseguy) Well that’s because the Japanese would rather read than listen. Is that the developer’s choice to not include …

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