Free Portal 2 DLC available this Wednesday

Who’s ready for more science? Valve recently released the final installment of the Portal 2 soundtrack (available for free download over here) and dropped a teeny, tiny bomb: free DLC is coming our way this Wednesday for their excellent first-person physics puzzle game. There aren’t many details on “Peer Review”…

UPDATE: Modern Warfare 2 DLC Will be $15; Stimulus Package

UPDATE: Through a podcast over at Major Nelson’s, the price was confirmed at 1200 Microsoft Points or $15.  For that $15 players get five maps, three new ones and two remakes from COD4. The new maps are Bailout (overrun apartment complex, wide map), Salvage (snow-covered junkyard, it’s a smaller map),…

Free Xbox Live This Weekend, May 1 – May 4th

For those of you with Silver XBox Live accounts, here’s a special treat at what it feels like to fully experience the NEW XBox Experience.  Beginning Friday, May 1st through Monday May 4th every account on XBox will be upgraded to a Gold account FREE. Made available through its returning…

PlayStation Store Update, August 28th Edition

Too cheap to buy the full retail version of SoulCalibur IV?  Well, this week’s FREE demo is a nice appetizer to the main dish.  Also, The Last Guy looks pretty cool, but stay here for review.  Other than that the two Warkhawk Add-on’s are the other updates worth noting.  Enjoy… Presents… 7-Eleven Day!

In honor of the two numbers that ryhme together, 7-Eleven is offereing a FREE 7.11 oz Slurpee at participating stores.  Why not swing on in and try to “Wheez the Juice”.  But don’t forget those damn Brain Freezes!