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Play Your SNES or Genesis Straight From The Cartridge With Retrode

If you’re a big fan of retro gaming, then listen up. The Retrode 2 has been announced, and it offers a rather radical take on the whole affair. Instead of acquiring legally dubious ROMs and playing your games on an ill-suited keyboard, you can do it all completely legally and on the original controller. The …

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Worm + Guitar = Earthworm Jim Hero, Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day and Thanks to SEGA!  In celebration of today’s festive event, we present to you, our reader, with a pic of our favorite Earth Day gaming character ever, Earthworm Jim.  This character enriches our soil and fights against other insects that harm our fertile land.  What a better way to say “Thank You” …

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PS3 Review: Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection


Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection nostalgia odor from the case was so good that we tried capturing it in a bottle. Growing up Nintendo, there were constant battles over which console was best.  Nintendo had Mario, Sega had Sonic.  Sega was always tugging at my shirt to try and convert, but Mario’s mustache intrigued me oh …

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New York Comic Con 2009 Pt. 1


So day 2 of Comic Con is over and what did I see?  I had hands-on with many of the upcoming games, so check out which games I absolutely loved and which one’s were “meh”. I began my afternoon meeting up with a couple of the PR and Producers for Grand Theft Auto: China Town …

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Old School Sundays: 2 Commercials for 2 Systems

Since I have received hate mail because we skipped last weeks’ OSS, I decided to make up and give you guys a treat. You can call it a two for one-fer. Atari 2600: The first piece is the system that started it all… for me at least. The original Atari 2600, the tag at the …

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