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Last Great Game on the PS2? Yakuza 2

Will Yakuza 2 be the last great game on the PlayStation 2? Many gamers still say the PS2 has some fight left in him.  I mean it was only a few years ago, that Grand Theft Auto III, God of War and Metal Gear Solid 3 were all EXCLUSIVES on the PlayStation 2 console.  Now …

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Trailer Trash: Rise of The Argonauts, Looking Better than God Of War?

Rise of The Argonauts coming to PS3, X360, and PC September 30th, 2009 resembles a little exclusive title for the PS2 called God of War. Can Jason compete vs Kratos? We love our ancient Greek mythology, so when we smell anything that stenches of old leather sandals we want in.   Check out why we …

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Jason and the”Rise of The Argonauts”

Looking to satisfy your hunger until God Of War 3?  Jump on board the “Rise of The Argonauts” bandwagon.  Have you played God of War 1? Seen Clash of the Titans? or Jason and the Argonauts?  Geez your hopeless.  I’ll help you out.  God Of War 1 stars Kratos in an action-adventure game based on …

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E3 News: Trailer Trash: God Of War 3

“In the end, there will only be chaos” Strong words from our favorite mythology hero, Kratos!  The trailer shows an overhead view of… well, Hell!  As you approach closer to the mountain you’ll see Kratos atop, with his chains and blades bounded to his arms.  This trailer shows a great in-game video, and was a …

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PS3 Greatest Hits Coming Soon?

Well, it was only a matter of time we’d see the Greatest Hits red cover come to the PS3.  Sony’s last big Greatest Hit was God Of War 2, so going to the PS3 was only logical.  The image above is from a K-Mart and does a great job showing the titles.  Among those titles …

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