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HD ‘God of War III’ Screens, Kratos 1080p


Ready for some HD God of War III screenshots? If we haven’t informed you of the hottest PlayStation 3 gaming coming in March, then you’re not paying attention. The screenshots below are courtesy of Kratos and we’re proud to show off how crisp and clear he and Atlas look. Check them out…

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Impressions: God of War III Demo, WOW

Bird creature

We saw.  We played.  We were impressed.  Very impressed!  I can tell you right now, God of War III will be a MUST HAVE game in March 2010.  Kratos as we know him is back, with the scars to prove it running down his stomach.  The opening menu shows off Kratos in fantastic graphics.  Starting …

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God of War III Demo Screenshots, Kratos Approved

Kratos Bow

Ok PerezStart.com followers.  There’s good news and bad news.  Good news is there’s a God of War 3 Demo that we have been playing and loving with our official impressions coming Monday.  Bad news is we couldn’t get a Demo code for you guys… yet (we’ll try).  So make sure you come back Monday since …

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5 New God of War III Images from Gamescon

God of War 3 Gamescon1

These images are from Germany ala the GamesCon that is currently running.  You might know our friend, Kratos, the God of War?  Well, you’ll just love these new images setting up God of War III’s release date of 2010.  Enjoy!

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E3 2009: Leaked God of War III Screenshots, Kratos Impressive

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Sony press conference, these images have surfaced in the latest batch of God of War III screenshots.  The GOW3 pics showcase none other than Kratos ripping the flesh off his foes and a flaming Titan overlooking the destruction.

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