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Review: Halo: Reach


What can I say about the Halo series that isn’t already known? Hugely popular, major exclusive selling unit for Microsoft, massive online community, the list goes on. The latest iteration, Halo: Reach, is no exception either as it shows that Bungie can continue to keep players coming back to the series. This review will consist …

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Video: Bungie Prepares Us For Halo: Reach With Birth of a Spartan Trailer

Halo Reach Birth of a Spartan

We’re less that a week away until the Halo: Reach beta is upon us, so what better way to get Halo fans hyped up even more than they already are than by releasing a live-action trailer, further promoting the Halo: Reach beta on May 3rd. The live-action trailer Bungie has released is called “Birth of …

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E3 2009: First Halo 3: ODST Gameplay Footage


The first ever gameplay footage was shown yesterday during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference and it looks absolutely amazing. In Halo 3: ODST, you play as The Rookie.  The Rookie is deployed into a mission, but becomes seperated from his teammates.  He goes out in search of his teammates, or at least what happened to them.  …

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E3 2009: Schedule of Events, Microsoft Monday… Halo:Reach?


Good Morning PerezStart.com followers and welcome to E3 week. Beginning today will be an action packed week thanks to the event happening over at LA, Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3! You can bet your bottom dollar, we’re all going to cover the event with breaking news first! You may see some of our other articles, like …

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Teabagging Taken Mainstream in Latest Simpsons Episode


In this past Sunday’s The Simpsons episode, an iconic game and taunting style were mentioned briefly.  In the episode, Homer moves to a small apartment in order for his children to go to the lavish Waverly Hills Elementary School. As he progressed in his current living situation, Homer started to adopt college-style living (as his …

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