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E3 News: Street Fighter IV, Check out why we’re excited!

Haduken’s.  Yoga Flames.  Sonic Booms.  Need I say more?  Ok then, how bout all characters from Street Fighter II will be featured in Street Fighter IV.  Online gameplay on the X360 and PS3.  Set between Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III.  Nough said, watch the video.

Blizzard Announces Diablo 3

How many more days of teasers were we going to see on Blizzards’ site.  After 8 long years since Diablo 2, fans will not need to wait much longer.  With the Announcement of Diablo 3 conveniently before E3, we can say “expect to see it there”.  In the meantime, “What info do we know about …

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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3.. 2.. 1, What’s the difference again?

New trailer for C&C: Red Alert 3… looks just like Red Alert 2. I’ve personally loved C&C: Generals but let’s see if Red Alert 3 can keep my attention on strategic gaming. ‘Generals’ had the Global Liberation Army (GLA) who kicked some serious terrorist ass! After seven years, Red Alert returns! After a time travel …

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Pre-Order God Of War III on Amazon.com

Game: God Of War III System: Playstation3 Release: March 2nd 2009 Price: $59.99 Rating: RP (probably M) I’m sure GameStop has not even thought about taking pre-orders on God Of War III yet, so in comes Amazon.com to fulfill your pre-ordering needs. I wasn’t sure if the pre-order page was going to stay up so …

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