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Trailer Trash: TNA iMPACT! Soo Real…

Looking to step in the ring with a bunch of sweaty, muscular men? Ok, good, me neither but now’s your opportunity to get as close with TNA iMPACT! as you want. This new Trailer shows just how good these graphics will look in gameplay mode. You can smell the testosterone off Big Poppa Pump’s forearms.

Poll: LittleBigPlanet, Will It Impact PS3 Sales?

LittleBigPlanet’s appearance in E3 was a huge success. Will ‘SackBoy’ help increase Sony PlayStation 3 console sales? The little guy known simply as ‘SackBoy’ in Sony’s upcoming video game, LittleBigPlanet, has a lot riding on his burlap shoulders.  It seems Sony is putting all their faith in the little guy, and with an official release …

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TNA iMPACT! Gets Big and Sexy with Kevin Nash

Kevin “Big Sexy” Nash joins the already 20-man TNA iMPACT! roster. TNA iMPACT! bolsters it’s roster this fall, by adding Kevin “Big Sexy, Diesel, Big Daddy Cool, Oz” Nash. In our past articles you saw all of TNAs’ screens and gameplay videos. You can clearly see why we’re looking forward to this game. Within the …

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Celebrity Casting: Mike Tyson’s Punchout

[ad#ad-1] I think it’s cool when video games make such an impact that they’re turned into “Blockbuster Movies”. Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil are great examples. Wikipedia has the full list. So i figured, if any video game could be turned into a movie ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!’ could be …

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New TNA iMPACT Screens Part 2

I’ve spoke about how good the game looked in a past article, this time I’ll just show you guys some more pics and give you an updated roster. As we get closer to it’s launch date the roster will increase. I’m hoping to see Randy Macho Man Savage. Like Macho Man says “Ohhh Wow”.. right?

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