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METRO ANIME’s “Metro Anime Sunday Lunch” Showing! This Sunday!

Those who know me know I am a huge otaku and all Japanese buff.  Along with being heavy in gaming, I watch anime, Japanese movies and am completely obsessed with the Japanese culture to my  lucky star posters, tokidoki figures and death note plushies. Do not worry I will share my collections with you guys …

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Super Mario Fans Watch out for Soopa Maria Sato!


At the NYC Comic Con ’09 this weekend I took a glimpse of the cutest little Resin Figures. They are called Soopa Maria Sato and are made to resemble Mario and Luigi but only if they were adorable female Japanese women dressed up.They are from designer and artist Erick Scarecrow and are limited to just …

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Japanese Would Rather Read than Listen

In a survey taken by game journalists in 2007, it’s discoveries about Japanese gamers inspired me to write about it. Ever notice that most games made in Japan have subtitles? (and not because they’re in Japanese, wiseguy) Well that’s because the Japanese would rather read than listen. Is that the developer’s choice to not include …

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