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The Top 7 Video Game Urban Legends


Last year, I wrote an article on the 7 Top Video Game Urban Legends.  I got flak for some of them, (jumping over the flagpole in Super Mario) and some we well remembered.  I figured, I’d bring back the post with some much needed fixup.  So without further ado… We all have heard of them, …

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BREAKING: New Zelda, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks


Just announced at the GDC 2009 by Satoru Iwata, the highly anticipated and rumored Zelda is in fact named “Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks” and it arrives later this year on the Nintendo DSi.  Link has the ability to control/create enemies and make them fight enemies. Railroad mechanic is an extension of Phantom Hourglass boat …

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Nice Ride Son! Check Out The Zeldamobile Selling for $500 Beanies!


Where can you find a car for $500 nowadays? At a little town called Corvallis, Oregon that’s where! I am sure you will get all the ladies in this ride, do not forget to add hot rims, neon lights and disco ball! That will sure get the women flocking your way. Check you out with …

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Link Warped to Super Mario World

I knew Nintendo was trying to push Link, but throwing him into Super Mario World is an alley I don’t see them going down.  Check out the video below:  It’s two of my Top 5 SNES games mingled into 1.  The hacker of this video did a great job incorporating all the “A Link to …

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The 10 Most Creative Mario Paint Compilations

You know the saying “Classics never die”, and when you have Mario Paint addicts out there, their work will always be appreciated. I have listed below the “Most Creative Mario Paint Compilations”. Some of these videos were made with a Mario Paint Composer, but it still takes talent to put this stuff together. To see …

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