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Smash Bros. + Fight Club = Smash Club?


Basically yea this is some badass artwork by Robotopencil on Deviant Art. A mash-up between Smash Bros and Fight Club I presume, poor Link he looks worn out!

What Do You Do When Zelda’s Been Captured?


This one was too cute not to share, who do you think they would send the Pope? So simple yet brilliant at the same time. Well that should make your Monday a little easier, when you are at work tomorrow and a little down don’t frown, put this one your screen and you will be …

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Just For The Aww Factor: Link Cat


    Well you read it on the picture itself, here is the infamous Link cat and all his glory! Just a quick pick me up to make your day a little sunnier! Sorry, it is not the LOL cats, you have to settle for this for now.

“The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks” Train Trailer

The Game Developers Conference witnessed the anticipated “rumored” New Zelda.  Many who attended the GDC were left with a positive impression after Nintendo’s presentation.  Most noteworthy was the announcement of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks’.  The trailer below shows us Link in the classic 3D overhead view defeating spiders, unraveling puzzles and navigating through …

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Mario Has Gone Fishing In the “Put It On a Hook” Rap Video: Starring Link and Mega Man

Put it on a hook – A rap video (featuring mario, link and megaman) by Inhumans – watch more funny videos NSFW I do not know how this is the top videos on Funny or Die or why Link, Mega Man and Mario have gone fishing for some apparent reason. It is a rap video …

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