Data East Arcade Classics Coming to Wii

Majesco Entertainment dropped a gaming bomb on classic arcade gamers everywhere with today’s announcement of 15 classic Data East Arcade titles hitting the Nintendo Wii in early 2010. Wii players will finally benefit from online multiplayer as well as having your hi-scores linked to your Mii characters.

DS Review: Gardening Mama, Fun without the Worms

The cute little Mama who won us over in the Kitchen is back, but this time she’s using her green thumb instead of her spatula. The makers of Cooking Mama have pulled it off again, Gardening Mama is fun for people of all ages. Using the Nintendo DS stylus as…

EDAR: Our House

Times are tough and the economy is the big reason.  So we’ve always believed in “if you build it, they will come”.  Got that from a movie.. hmmm.  Well, if you think “Everybody Deserves A Roof” (EDAR), you’ll appreciate Majesco’s Wii title “Our House”.  In it, you’ll be able to……