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8-Bit Fatalaties! Bringing It Back Mortal Kombat Style!


Flickr user tastypaints.com had a crazy idea. That being what it would be like if 8-bit games were as violent and bloody as they are nowadays.  The game who pretty much started the gore all together being Mortal Kombat, was his inspiration. He captures the essence of tearing hearts out of opponent’s body sort of speak and makes innocent …

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Pretty Funny Mario Skit Where Even Obama Makes an Appearance!

        I know you all have seen your share of Mario skits but you have not seen anything yet till this one. Japan always wants to one up America or perhaps they do it naturally. Here is Super Mario World through Japan’s eyes. I love the Obama appearance and the little Mario!

Mario Strikes Back… When Star Wars and Mario Collide!


  What happens when you mix Star Wars and Mario together? These bad ass artistic creations that is what! What do you think as Princess Peach as Leia and what is up with Luigi taking his brother’s woman!! What kind of twisted family is this! Well if you have $1,400 extra lying around you can pick up these painting …

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It’s a Me, LEGO Mario


Built with over 20,000 pieces of LEGO, Super Mario still manages to look 8-Bit.  Where on earth do you find “tan” LEGO pieces.  Mine always come with the regular, you know; red, black, the green board, a hat, and instructions to build Rubix Cube.  Weird!

Mario Has Gone Fishing In the “Put It On a Hook” Rap Video: Starring Link and Mega Man

Put it on a hook – A rap video (featuring mario, link and megaman) by Inhumans – watch more funny videos NSFW I do not know how this is the top videos on Funny or Die or why Link, Mega Man and Mario have gone fishing for some apparent reason. It is a rap video …

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