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The Best Road Sign Hack ever! Mario…

I have seen a lot of road hack signs online but this one takes the cake! Imagine driving by and seeing that! I am sure all die hard Mario fans will be talking about this one for a while! source

Mario Does Not Survive Zombie Apocolypse — Zombario Is Born!


What do you get when you combine Nintendo’s most famous mascot with the undead?  Why, Zombario of course! Up-and-coming t-shirt designers Single Second are offering gamers the chance to show their love for not only Mario, but Zombies too.  I know there have been many a night where I’m in my bedroom, debating which t-shirt …

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Super Mario Valentine Day Cards


To all those who waited till the day of to get their loved ones a ValentiMe’s Day card, print these out and maybe Mario will help soothe things over. The 80′s were considered the “Love” era, and Nintendo knew that.  These Valentine Day Cards were published in 1989, and I actually remember owning the TMNT …

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Super Flash Mario Bros., Fully Clothed ~ Ironic…

One of my Favorite Flash games out there.  It involves a plumber and his brother trying to go through pipes to save some princess.  Never heard of it, but the colors and music are pretty cool! [swfobj src="http://perezstart.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/smf_v3uu.swf" width="500" height="400" allowfullscreen="true"]

Image of the Day: SMB, World 1-1

You may wonder, Why would we be showing you the most classic level for a video game you’ve ever played? Well, to the untrained youngling eye, you probably haven’t noticed what I’m about to tell you. Look above at the picture. Notice anything similar? It’s not the coin boxes… It’s not the number 1′s… Get …

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