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Mega Man 9 Rock Medley Video

This was tipped off to me by a huge Mega Man friend of mine a Mr. Kenneth Armas.  It is pretty catchy and features game footage from Mega Man 9 as well. I have yet to play that game but after the video I may look into it. I have not played Mega Man since …

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YesterGames Mini Review – Mega Man 9 Demo ~ PS3

Ok, let me first say that like many of you, I am into classic Nintendo games. Playing Capcom games especially in the Nintendo era really tested a player to his ability. I for one, have always considered myself a “good” gamer. Not pro, nor amateur but I know how to handle a paddle (love that …

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Old School Sundays: E3 Edition, Mega Man

In tribute of this past weeks announcement of Mega Man 9, we’re going back to 1987 to bring you how it all started… Mega Man part uno.  Known to some as Rockman, Megaman, developed by Capcom, was a side scrolling action NES game.  Mega Man was the only NES Mega Man title to feature a …

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