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Bionic Commando Sequel Confirmed In Cryptic Morse Code?


Bionic Commando hasn’t hit store shelves, but a sequel for the title might possibly be in the works according to a morse code message that can be found in Bionic Commando. The morse code, after it’s deciphered, is the following message: BESTAETIGE AUSFUEHRUNG VON PHASE ZWEI VORBEREITET AKTIVIERE PROJEKT ALBATROSS Thanks to Google Translator, that …

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‘Call of Duty: World at War’ Influenced Road Sign – Nazi Zombies

Seems like being a hacker and a Call of Duty “Nazi Zombies” fan goes hand and hand.  Speculation is a “genius” from the University of Texas managed to hack into this road sign and override the sign’s messages with 5 of his own, including “Run for Cold Climates”. Jones, who has one of only two …

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Call of Duty: World at War Double XP Weekend for PS3 and X360