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Netflix Boosts PS3 in Console War with Streaming, Disc-less Content


Netflix has just announced that you can now stream their content onto the PlayStation 3 and Wii… disc-less!  That’s right, you can throw out those ancient red discs supplied by the rental provider.  The new app allows PS3 and Wii owners the flexibility to watch TV Shows and Movies without getting up from your couch …

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Nintendo Bringing Netflix To The Wii This Spring


First the Xbox 360, then the Playstation 3, and now Nintendo announces that they’ll be offering the Netflix service on the Nintendo Wii this Spring.  Similar to how the PS3 will run Netflix, the Nintendo Wii will need a Netflix instant-streaming disc in order to use the service at no additional cost to Netflix subscribers.  …

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Netflix Coming to the PS3


If you’re an Xbox 360 owner, you’ve been enjoying the wonders of Netflix for quite some time.  It seems 360 owners won’t be the only console on the block to be able to stream Netflix movies as they announce today Sony’s Playstation 3 will soon be able to stream Netflix as well. PS3 owners should …

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Xbox Live Summer Update Out Now


Today is a good day to be an Xbox owner.  Released today is the latest XBox Live Update which brings new features other consoles will surely be jealous of.  One of the biggest pieces of news, will be the ability to sit in a virtual theater and watch Netflix movies with up to 7 friends …

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One Million XBox 360 Live Accounts On Netflix


Congrats!  After 3 short months, the amount of Netflix subscriptions through Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has surpassed the one million mark.  For those who don’t know, Netflix is Microsoft’s exclusive movie streaming application available through the X360. For those X360 owners with a Netflix subscription, you can now enjoy renting movies online at no additional cost. …

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