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PlayStation Store Update, August 21st Edition

The Big News this week is actually a demo.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed hits the PSN by way of ‘The Force”.  You WILL download the demo.. Move Along…Move ALONG.  In other PS3 news, Ratchet & Clank join the PSN with a reasonable $15 price tag.  Look for our review of the game.  Lastly, the …

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E3 News: Street Fighter IV, Check out why we’re excited!

Haduken’s.  Yoga Flames.  Sonic Booms.  Need I say more?  Ok then, how bout all characters from Street Fighter II will be featured in Street Fighter IV.  Online gameplay on the X360 and PS3.  Set between Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III.  Nough said, watch the video.

E3 News: Trailer Trash: God Of War 3

“In the end, there will only be chaos” Strong words from our favorite mythology hero, Kratos!  The trailer shows an overhead view of… well, Hell!  As you approach closer to the mountain you’ll see Kratos atop, with his chains and blades bounded to his arms.  This trailer shows a great in-game video, and was a …

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E3 News: Trailer Trash: DC Universe Online

Wouldn’t it be awesome to control the DC Universe as a villain or hero and change the outcome as we know it.  Well, with Sony Online Entertainment, SOE,  creating this new MMORPG with our favorite characters is possible.  Hire Lex Luther to kill Superman, work with the Joker to battle Batman or fight the speedy …

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E3 News: Nintendo’s Video Game Showcase

Nintendo’s E3 Conference should have been a Monday Morning “Bored” Meeting.  There was nothing exciting about that what so ever.  I guess Animal Crossing was their show stopper!  If your looking for what video games they previewed and mentioned about we’ll list it here: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Call …

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