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Nintendo 3DS Vision Warning


Apparently, Nintendo believes that the Nintendo 3DS could cause problems with eye development in children under the age of 6.  Nintendo’s warning is very vague and doesn’t appear to include any facts.  It’s definitely a strange thing. “Nintendo’s position is children 6 and under should not use the 3-D feature of Nintendo 3DS, and parents …

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Nintendo Releases New Donkey Kong Country Returns Trailer and Screens


We’ve been keeping tabs on Nintendo’s upcoming Donkey Kong Country Returns for quite some time now, especially after we got some hands-on time with it at the New York Comic-Con and I can honestly say all of us here at PerezStart are super exited about the return of Donkey Kong Country. Nintendo has just dropped …

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Review: DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero Review 2

Last year, Activision introduced a new entry into it’s “Hero” franchise, which up until last year was focused primarily on its well known and popular Guitar Hero games. DJ Hero took a side step from what we perceive to be a music rhythm game and introduced a new peripheral along with a strong emphasis on …

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Smash Bros. + Fight Club = Smash Club?


Basically yea this is some badass artwork by Robotopencil on Deviant Art. A mash-up between Smash Bros and Fight Club I presume, poor Link he looks worn out!

Sexy Time! Princess Peach as a Pin-Up Gal!


I know Miss Peach’s pixelated face is getting you guys all hot and heavy huh? I do not know what else to say but check out pluckylump’s gallery on devianart for more artistic goodness.

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