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XCOM: Enemy Unknown: First Impressions

I’ve played 22 hours of XCOM so far, and it’s a tribute to the length and complexity of the game that I don’t know how far along I am. I reckon I’m far enough in to give some first impressions, if not a full review of the game. So – XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game …

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Borderlands II: First Impressions

Borderlands II is a riveting game that seems an upgrade over its predecessor in almost every department. I’ve played up until level 12 on three characters so far, with my current favourite being the Commando. The classes in Borderlands 2 seem a lot more interesting than their predecessors: A gunzerker who dual wields anything from …

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Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions


I’ve been playing the Battlefield series since Battlefield 1942, and competitively since Battlefield 2142, so understand me when I say I’m a Battlefield fan. I’ve run a Battlefield fansite for the past two years, covering Bad Company 2 and now Battlefield 3. I play other games too — Call of Duty, Battlefield’s arch-nemesis these days, …

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Review: Brink

Brink Review 1

It’s been a long time coming for Bethesda and Splash Damage’s multiplayer team FPS, Brink. We’ve kept an eye on this game since it was announced during E3 2009, even getting a chance to preview the game back in February. Now that the game has officially been released to the masses, is it a game …

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Hands-on Preview: Brink – Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.0

Nowadays, if you create a first-person shooter game, you need to create a multiplayer component that usually pits you against players while working together on a team. The problem is, the so called “team” aspect never feels like a true team as you and your teammates run around and fight the other team while never …

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