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GTA IV ‘Carmeggedon’ Tweak Makes Me Nervous To Leave My Home

After seeing what this modder did to his copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, I’m officially never leaving my home in fear that every vehicle in the world begins to act this crazy. There are some great moments of near misses and hits that certainly kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Civilization V Special Edition Coming in September


For all you Civilization fans like myself out there, the special edition version of Civilization V will be hitting shelves on September 21, 2010 for $99.99.  That may sound a bit steep, but you get quite a lot with the package.  If it’s too much for you to spend, there will also be a standard …

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Blade Kitten: Who’s Buying?


Lately, I’ve lost most of my interest in Xbox LIVE Arcade, Virtual Console and PSN.  For the most part, it becomes a nostalgic money sink where you’re rarely picking up games that are unique and actually worth the cost.  One game that has recently piqued my interest is ‘Blade Kitten’ which will be released in …

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XCOM Has Returned, A Bitter Sweet Moment


Fans of X-Com, I bear news.  The title that sparked turn base strategy game, will make a comeback.  It’s a bitter sweet moment because XCOM will return as a First-Person Shooter.  Take it with a grain of salt, since there hasn’t been much information released.  But know that 2K Marin, developers of Rapture’s latest hit, …

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Plain Sight Offers Kleptomaniacal Suicide Ninja Robots and Multiplayer Mayhem

A game just popped up on Steam called Plain Sight that combines a lot of things that I just plain like. The overall premise is that you jump around a 3D, multiplayer environment to steal the energy of other robots by killing them, either with a katana or a suicide supernova. Powerups and upgrades help …

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