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June NPD Numbers, Prototype is Top Spot


June was a good month for gaming.  We reviewed inFamous and Red Faction and found those games to be great.  But another game we just may have to review soon topped this list.  Prototype.  It’s a game that Daniel touted as his game of the year but I thought would falter with inFamous resembling Prototype.  …

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Prototype’s Opening Cinematic Reminds Me To NEVER Mess With Alex Mercer


If you’re a regular PS reader, you’ll notice that this video may look very familiar.  That’s because mrjuandrful posted the teaser opening cinematic a couple of weeks ago.  In the opening cinematic, we learn that Alex believes he was the cause of the destruction in NYC.  He doesn’t know how he became what he is, …

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Pre-Order Prototype; Receive Some Sweet Exclusives


Prototype is set to release next month, and Activision announced three different exclusive collectibles that you can grab from three different retailers. Those of you who enjoy collecting figurines would be wise to hit GameStop to pre-order Prototype as they are offering a figure of Alex Mercer, the main character in Prototype.  Along with the …

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A Plethora Of Mission Types Highlight Latest Prototype Trailer


Radical Entertainment released a new trailer for Prototype recently focusing on the variety of mission types that we can expect in the game.  In the trailer, which you can check out after the break, we see Alex performing a multitude of missions which include Rescue, Stealth, and Defend.  If you’ve played most open-world games, then …

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Prototype Grants Your Wish of Finally Seeing Baby Eating Baby Action

Dear Activision & Radical Entertainment, How much more awesomer can you make Prototype?  When I heard Radical Entertainment, who made the great Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was making Prototype, you already had me sold.  Then, you guys gave us tidbits of info here and there to keep our appetite whet.  With this latest trailer, you guys …

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