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Remember Me Review

In the game “Remember Me” you play as memory hunter Nilin, the best that ever was that is until your own memory gets wiped out and are imprisoned. You start the game dazed and confused in a cell just moments after you’ve been memory wiped, you still remember your name but that’s all at the …

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown: First Impressions

I’ve played 22 hours of XCOM so far, and it’s a tribute to the length and complexity of the game that I don’t know how far along I am. I reckon I’m far enough in to give some first impressions, if not a full review of the game. So – XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game …

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Borderlands II: First Impressions

Borderlands II is a riveting game that seems an upgrade over its predecessor in almost every department. I’ve played up until level 12 on three characters so far, with my current favourite being the Commando. The classes in Borderlands 2 seem a lot more interesting than their predecessors: A gunzerker who dual wields anything from …

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Diablo 3 First Impressions

Diablo III is an interesting game for me to cover – Diablo and Diablo II were massively important to me as I became a PC gamer, and Diablo III is both completely updated and yet entirely the same as it always was. Let’s look at what’s changed first. I’d say the biggest differences from the …

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Mass Effect 3: First Impressions

Mass Effect 3′s ending is bad, and Bioware should feel bad. That’s the sentiment on the internet these past few weeks since the game’s release, but it’s silly to condemn what has otherwise been a widely acclaimed game for a poor turn at the end. I’ve been playing the Mass Effect series since its release, …

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