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Review: God of War III, Revenge of the Spartan


The game many are calling “Epic” is finally here.  God of War III is the last piece to the trilogy featuring ex-Spartan Kratos against… everyone else.  Greek Gods and Titans will have to face his Blades of Exile bounded by chains to his arms and dripping with blood.  The opening cinematics  preview flashbacks of Kratos’ previous …

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Review: Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Xbox 360 Review Main

Back in the year 2000, Nintendo published a title from Rare, developers of Goldeneye 007, that became the staple of FPS games from then on.  Nowadays, an FPS game on console has become the norm, but back in 2000, the genre reigned supreme on PC.  Goldeneye 007 was a very good first attempt, but it …

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Review: MLB 2K10; This Year It’s Different


Spring training is finally here and it’s time to strap up your batting gloves and pine tar your bats because it’s Baseball Season for MLB 2K10. In their 10th year, 2K Sports revamped their fielding system and improved on their pitching mechanics then they previously used in MLB 2K9 only keeping the “hold and gesture” …

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Review: Dante’s Inferno: Divine Edition; Hell meets Dante


Needing very little help, the action-adventure hack-n-slash genre just got whole lot better because of EA’s Visceral Games adaptation of The Divine Comedy starring Dante himself in Dante’s Inferno.  So far, action games are the rage this year with Darksiders and Bayonetta hitting first quarter.  But if you’re looking for originality, consider Dante’s Inferno a …

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Review: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

No More Heroes 2 Review Main

Travis Touchdown is your everyday otaku assassin living out of the No More Heroes Motel in Santa Destroy, California.  Some might consider his obsession with anime, professional wrestling, action figure collecting, and pornography borders on unhealthy.  Others would consider it’s what makes him unique among other assassins.  Regardless of what he does in his personal …

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