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Anime Inspired Robot Trained To Make Master Coffee

anime robot

Now this is too cute! What does a Japanese otaku do when he is lonely and without a 3d girlfriend? Why, he makes a a anime looking robot girlfriend. Not just any anime looking robot girlfriend but one that makes him coffe! She is even moe from the fact that she is adorably clumbsy as …

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Want a Robotic Mini Me Version Of Yourself? Move Over My Buddy and Kid Sister!

I know you all have been aching for clone versions of yourself to do all the hard work for you why you stay home and play games do not deny it, I do to. Well I have the next best thing for you! What about a midget version of yourself? If people question why you …

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Old School Sundays: E3 Edition, Mega Man

In tribute of this past weeks announcement of Mega Man 9, we’re going back to 1987 to bring you how it all started… Mega Man part uno.  Known to some as Rockman, Megaman, developed by Capcom, was a side scrolling action NES game.  Mega Man was the only NES Mega Man title to feature a …

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WALL-E Spore

It was impossible that those creative Spore creators would have skipped on Disney’s latest loveable robot.  This is byfar the best WALL-E Spore out there created by KGN406.  Enjoy!