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SEGA Announces Yakuza 3 Heading to North America in March 2010

SEGA announced today they’ll be bringing Yakuza 3 to North America this March.  Yakuza 3 was released in Japan in Feb. 2009 to much praise by reviewers, so I’m excited to hear it will be heading our way soon!  Let’s just hope SEGA decides to keep the Japanese audio and offer subs as there can …

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Caption Contest: 100 MORE ‘Bayonetta’ Demo Codes To Give Away!


Well, what do we have here?  It looks like 100 more demo codes for SEGA’s upcoming hack-n-slash Bayonetta.  Instead of filling up a kiddie pool with these codes to swim in, we decided to give these away to you, the reader. If you were unable to snag a demo code from us yesterday, then here’s …

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Caption Contest: 100 ‘Bayonetta’ Codes to give away


We’ve got some great news for all of our PerezStart.com readers out there and just in time for Thanksgiving. With special thanks to SEGA, we’re coordinating a Bayonetta Code giveaway for our Xbox 360 fans. That’s right, the first 100 Caption Comments on the site will win an Xbox 360 downloadable code for the Bayonetta …

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Jackpot!, SEGA Teaser site shows balls…


Teaser Site Alert!, Sega has dropped a new site found here, teasing us with balls.  From the pic above, you can see it’s a number dispensing machine.  Yet, when you click on the handle, all you get are the same numbers over and over. “042020″ in a color scheme of “purple, green, red, blue, purple, …

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Wii Review: Let’s Tap, Tap that Box!


If you’re a fan of party games, Let’s Tap for the Wii is a bit space consuming but an original concept nonetheless.  You’ll need a box or an object that will allow sound to travel through to get started.  So get those tissue boxes, cereal boxes and tupper ware containers handy.  Just make sure to …

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