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It’s a MadWorld, but Wii can do it!

Competing in a television show is nothing for this chainsaw wielding warrior. In MadWorld, Varrigan City has become a target for a group of terrorists known as “The Organizers”. The Organizers have taken over the city and transformed it into the setting for a game show called Death Watch, where the city’s citizens are being …

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[UPDATE] PlayStation 3 Tops Wii in Japan Hardware Sales


[NUMBERS UPDATED] In a stunning turn of events, these preliminary Japan Hardware Sales numbers see Sony’s PSP and PS3 top the handheld and console market respectively. The PS3 finally topped the Nintendo Wii for the top spot in hardware sales in Japan.  The release of Yakuza 3 boosted the sales of Sony’s PS3.  Many see …

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Wii Review: The House of the Dead: Over ‘F-in’ Kill


Duckhunt with the Nintendo Zapper was cute. Zombies with the Wii-mote… F-in Awesome! We’ve come a long way from the grey and red NES Zapper era.  Why the cussing? keep reading… PUBLISHER: Sega DEVELOPER: Headstrong Games GENRE(S): Light Gun, First-Person Shooter PLAYERS: 2 ESRB RATING: M (Mature) RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2009 PEREZSTART RATING: 9/10 …

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Ryu ga Gotoku 3 , Yakuza 3 Released in Japan


Today in Japan, Yakuza 3 has been released to the public.  Many gamers who’ve played the previous iterations, mention the smoothness and great story.  There’s no doubt that Yakuza 3 will be a success, our only question here in the western world is, When?  When will we see Yakuza 3?

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Virtua Tennis 2009 Box Art


Coming to XBox 360, PS3, PC and maybe Wii in May of 2009 published by SEGA is Virtual Tennis 2009. Once a solid game on the Dreamcast, SEGA has done a great job continuing the fast paced and competitive gameplay with Virtua Tennis.  Roger Federer is still ranked the #1 Tennis player but I’m sure …

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