Image of the Day: Super Mario Ink

Super Mario Bros. 2 was not my favorite in the series of SMB.  But looks like someone thought getting it tatoo’ed on your arm would look cool.  I do have to say that this is the first time inking Peach on your arm is acceptible. Thanks for the Tip mm3rky9000

GTA IV Famous Movie Scenes Remade

Searching Youtube for the someone kicked in the groin, fall, or leaked footage of SOMETHING, I came across this video. This video is just awesome. UltimateChance compiled a worth watching video of Grand Theft Auto 4. Using GTA IV to re-enact scenes from great gangster movies is ok in my…

Playstation 3 Firmware 2.41 Goes Gold… and Platinum

Well, since Sony pulled firmware 2.40 many user’s wondered why. I know many gamers who downloaded it and never had an issue. I guess 1% does mean something to someone. Anywho, the problem has now been fixed with Firmware 2.41 and the world seems good again. One special update for…