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‘Stairway to Heaven’ with Wii Music?

Ever used a broom reenact yourself on stage as an 80′s Rocker with glittery wild hair and eye makeup?  Me neither!  But, if your a Wii owner playing your ‘Air Guitar” will be soo ancient.  Nintendo’s newest “fad” will be Wii Music.  With Nintendo’s announcement of Wii Motion Plus, they’re promising more accuracy on their …

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Old School Sundays: E3 Edition, Mega Man

In tribute of this past weeks announcement of Mega Man 9, we’re going back to 1987 to bring you how it all started… Mega Man part uno.  Known to some as Rockman, Megaman, developed by Capcom, was a side scrolling action NES game.  Mega Man was the only NES Mega Man title to feature a …

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