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The Most Famous Scream Of All Time, The Wilhelm Scream — Video Game Edition


The “Wilhelm Scream” is legendary.  Stormtroopers belted it out when tossed from a ledge in all 6 Star Wars films.  In fact it’s so famous it’s an industry term.  We all know that the “Wilhelm Scream” has been used in countless films and television shows, but some of you might be surprised to find out …

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May The 4th Be With You, Star Wars Day


Today is May 4th.  And Since we’re HUGE Star Wars fans here at PerezStart (PS) we’ve decided to greet everyone this morning with the message “May the 4th be with you” and bring you some Star Wars: The Old Republic details.  Pass it along, spread the word, and impress your cubicle co-workers with this “Play …

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Mysterious Space Invader is Mysterious!


Last night, on one of my regular strolls through New York City, I stumbled upon an invader of the space variety! Thankfully, I was able to pull out my camera to take a quick snapshot before the Space Invader realized he had been seen, which would have resulted in a missle being launched straight for …

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Mario Strikes Back… When Star Wars and Mario Collide!


  What happens when you mix Star Wars and Mario together? These bad ass artistic creations that is what! What do you think as Princess Peach as Leia and what is up with Luigi taking his brother’s woman!! What kind of twisted family is this! Well if you have $1,400 extra lying around you can pick up these painting …

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The Best Star Wars Figure


There’s not to much to say about this figure, except I know I, along with every other Star Wars fan wishes they had this one.  I’m not sure how they packaged it or even managed to fit it.

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