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Japanese Would Rather Read than Listen

In a survey taken by game journalists in 2007, it’s discoveries about Japanese gamers inspired me to write about it. Ever notice that most games made in Japan have subtitles? (and not because they’re in Japanese, wiseguy) Well that’s because the Japanese would rather read than listen. Is that the developer’s choice to not include …

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“The Force is Strong with Obama” says George Lucas

“Listen Obama, take off those coke bottles and ‘choke hold’ those Republicans” At Kezins.com, we do not talk religion, politics or salary.  I can’t say that for Star Wars conversations, and all the “What If’s” we ask each other… daily.  So, when you throw Star Wars into the mix, we’ll write about it.  Don’t kill the …

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7 Greatest NES Accessories

Growing up in the 80′s exposed you to many, many odd fashion trends. It brought MC Hammer pants, the wedge haircut and neon arm sunglasses. Many of these embarrassing fashion statements went (Thanks to the 90′s). But the 80′s also brought us some of the coolest NES accessories known to every kid wishing he were …

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