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Review: Gears of War 3


  Originally this review was going to start by explaining the Gears of War series leading up to the 3rd and latest game released. As popular as the series is and regardless of what console(s) you own everyone has heard of it; the idea was scrapped and decided just to start big because there’s a …

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NEW Modern Warfare 2 Screenshots, Coming 11.10.09


We’re only a few weeks away for the epic release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  Here are 8 fantastic screenshots that mostly Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will appreciate.  As far as you PC gamers, you’re probably still upset over the non-dedicated server issue.  Along with no PC mods, Infinity Ward has upset …

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Resistance 2 Collector’s vs GOW 2 Limited

With the announcement today of Resistance 2 being released November 4th we quickly looked at our “Release Calendars” and noticed another little game being released the same week.  That’s right you X360 lovers, Gears of Wars 2 is coming November 7th.  With both games having ‘Special Editions’, we try to break down both ‘Editions’ then …

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Last Great Game on the PS2? Yakuza 2

Will Yakuza 2 be the last great game on the PlayStation 2? Many gamers still say the PS2 has some fight left in him.  I mean it was only a few years ago, that Grand Theft Auto III, God of War and Metal Gear Solid 3 were all EXCLUSIVES on the PlayStation 2 console.  Now …

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Stealthy Killer = Velvet Assassin

Velvet Assassin (previous, working title: Sabotage) is an upcoming stealth action video game for Xbox 360 and PC to be released on October 17th, 2008. The game is inspired by a real life World War II secret agent/saboteur Violette Szabo. Players take on the role of Violette Summer as she goes behind enemy lines to …

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