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Move Over Wii Fit! The Minute Gym Has Come To Town!


Who has 30 minutes that the Wii Fit suggest us to exercise daily, certainly not me! That is why Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy, created this wonderful device! This 10 gram weighing device is way more portable then the Wii and offers you 100 million 3 minute workouts! All you have to do is plug …

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Mario Paint for the Wii?


One of my best Christmases as a child was the year my big brother bought me Mario Paint for Super Nintendo. The year was 1992 and this concept was amazing, I got to do my two favorite things at the same time, color and play Nintendo. I spent countless hours playing this game, from composing my …

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Wii Punch-Out!! Gets it’s First trailer.. Ding.. Ding


Like Apollo Creed said at the end of Rocky.  “Ding.. Ding”  Look who’s made their appearance in this corner.  The 1987 re-made classic arcade game, Punch-out!!  We’ve spent countless hours playing the original and with good reason and here’s why I liked it: two button controls each character had a special way of beating them …

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The House of Dead: OVERKILL Breaks Record For Cursing Up A Storm


If you read PerezStart’s review for The House of the Dead: OVERKILL, you would know that we absolutely loved it.  You also would have learned that if the game had a mouth, it would have at least 3 bars of soap in it at the same time. Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition announced SEGA’s latest …

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No More Lazy Wii Mote Action With the Wii Motion Plus!

Hey! Wii couch potatoes, this is a shout out just to all of  you! Unless you are using wii fit , you pretty much can sit down through all the other Wii titles such as Mario Kart, Wii sports, Cooking Mama , etc. What is the fun of playing tennis or baseball sitting in your couch …

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