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EDAR: Our House


Times are tough and the economy is the big reason.  So we’ve always believed in “if you build it, they will come”.  Got that from a movie.. hmmm.  Well, if you think “Everybody Deserves A Roof” (EDAR), you’ll appreciate Majesco’s Wii title “Our House”.  In it, you’ll be able to… build your house from scratch.  …

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Now You Are Bloody Cooking! Wii Breakfast Game!

This video is hilarious, it is a spoof on Wii’s Cooking Mama, it is called Wii Breakfast. Has all your essentials to make a complete well balanced breakfast a wii spoon, wii bowl, wii cereal box and even a wii frying pan! I cannot believe the player burnt the virtual wii toast! Too funny!

Wii Review: The House of the Dead: Over ‘F-in’ Kill


Duckhunt with the Nintendo Zapper was cute. Zombies with the Wii-mote… F-in Awesome! We’ve come a long way from the grey and red NES Zapper era.  Why the cussing? keep reading… PUBLISHER: Sega DEVELOPER: Headstrong Games GENRE(S): Light Gun, First-Person Shooter PLAYERS: 2 ESRB RATING: M (Mature) RELEASE DATE: February 10, 2009 PEREZSTART RATING: 9/10 …

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Breaking: Punch-Out!! Coming to Wii May 18th


Nintendo has released a list of their upcoming games for this year, and surprise.. surprise! Punch-Out!! for the Wii finally has a release date. Expect to be playing as Lil’ Mac and coached by Doc as you make your way through Glass Joe and Friends. Here is the list of upcoming Nintendo Games: Wii 2K …

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Lingerie Wii Bowling Tournament!


I did not stutter you guys, Dark Oasis pictures is hosting a Wii Bowling Tournament with girls playing in just there tighty whities, or granny panties whatever lingerie the gals fancy! Right now he is just in the casting period and is figuring out the exact dates and what not but we are in talks …

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