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Review: Crimson Alliance (XBLA)


Call me a sucker for dungeon crawlers but I picked up the “free to play” XBLA game Crimson Alliance. It isn’t all that free which I’ll explain later. After finishing Torchlight a while back I was eager to jump into something similar and this filled the gap…sort of. It has all the right elements but …

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Review: Bastion (XBLA)


At the recommendation of fellow PerezStart writer AduceClean I picked up Bastion, Microsoft’s first game of this years “Summer of Arcade”. Bastion is a fast paced, customizable action-RPG with a solid story. The graphics are bright and colorful, almost like a painting come to life; pure eye-candy. While the main protagonist is silent, the game …

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Things Are About to Get Crrrrrazy as Crazy Taxi Launches This November on XBLA & PSN

1.1 JP

Hold on to your hats, folks. If you owned a SEGA Dreamcast, then you absolutely should remember Crazy Taxi. It looks like you’re about to get a refresher in all things Crazy Taxi as SEGA has just announced they’ll be releasing Crazy Taxi for both the Xbox LIVE Arcade and Playstation Network in late November. …

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Review: Plants Vs. Zombies (XBLA)

plants vs zombies

Plants vs Zombies finally makes its highly popular and addictive way to the 360 via XBLA. PopCap (Peggle, Bejeweled, etc.) has struck gold once again with their newest title. As a new 360 downloadable game, how does this game stand up when it’s been out for quite some time and more importantly, is it worth …

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Capcom Announces Mega Man Universe With Teaser Trailer

Mega Man Universe Announcement

Well, well, well. It looks like Capcom is getting set to reinvent the Mega Man franchise as the company announced Mega Man Universe for the Xbox LIVE Arcade & Playstation Network. Mega Man Universe, the latest entry in Capcom’s long-running Mega Man® series, will be a revolutionary take on the seminal classic, setting course for …

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