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Meet The Enemies, XCOM Enemy Unknown

They’re here!!!!  Arriving next month, October 9th, 2K Games and developer Firaxis will bring XCOM Enemy Uknown to X360, PS3 and PC. For those of you who’ve played X-COM: UFO Defense before I’m sure the enemies below will ring a bell. Those damn Sectoids!!! Sectoid The little gray Sectoid is a psionically capable but frail …

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XCOM Has Returned, A Bitter Sweet Moment


Fans of X-Com, I bear news.  The title that sparked turn base strategy game, will make a comeback.  It’s a bitter sweet moment because XCOM will return as a First-Person Shooter.  Take it with a grain of salt, since there hasn’t been much information released.  But know that 2K Marin, developers of Rapture’s latest hit, …

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