Be Squeaky Clean With The Human Washing Machine! No More Stinky and Oily Geeks! Hooray!


We all have come from work exhausted, so exhausted you just want to lie on your couch as soon as you walk into your home and stay immobile all night long. Regardless on how your odor from the 8 hours day offends your family you will not budge. Eventually, we are dragged into the bathroom by a loved one by the hair as we just stand there or lay there, if you bathe motionless for an hour. Don’t you wish someone can just bathe you as you just lay there, like the Jetsons or even that new Axe commercial with the sexy girls washing the guy as if he was a car? Yea I do to and guess what now you can be pampered and scrubbed as you just lay there and perhaps read a book by the Human Washing Machine!

Avant’s Santelubain 999 allows you to lie down and relax as the automatic cleaning device does nearly everything: shampoos and showers the body, emits steam heat, provides sound and aromatherapy, and even applies lotion and seaweed packs! Ok that is it, I do not want to see and oily and smelly geeks at the convention anymore! No more excuses with this baby, so geeks put down your controller or keyboard for once and hop in, who know perhaps you can even still play a game if you position the tv about the machine!


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