Get Your Barf Bags Ready! Sega Storm-G Arcade Simulator Has You Rolling!

Arcades have died a bit in the U.S. in recent years but certainly not in Japan! They are  in every nook and cranny of and proof of that is with the Sega Storm-G!  This thing is having kids across Japan throwing up their school’s lunch. Storm-G that has been out on consoles for a while , is now hitting the arcade scene and in a big way.This  simulator actually delivers some fast paced barrel rolling! Who needs to wait for a carnival when you have this thing!

I wish there were more arcades out there here in the U.S. other then Dave & Busters and Richie Knuckles, it is a dying breed! Check out the barrel action below live! Well sort of! Thinking about it this would be awesome for a Donkey Kong game!


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