Hand-to-speech Sign Language Interpreter On a Handy Dandy Necklace!


This is really amazing, this device basically closes the gap between the deaf and hearing  if you do not know sign language. There is a small camera inside the device that detects the hand movements used through sign language and translates them to audible words through a speaker that is on the device. There is also a volume control in the device, so you do not disturb others. The designer of this amazing technology advancement is Mac Funamizu!

I recall in college seeing the hearing impaired in the classrooms and the sign language interpreters on the side lines and I would pay more attention to them, than my actual teacher. I always found it fascinating! Now I could fully understand sign language without taking those classes again! Now, I will know more than the “bird” sign! This is awesome, next we need a baby and animal language interpreter, so I can figure out what my guinea pigs gestures and squeaks mean!


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  1. Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor would have been ruined by this contraption!

  2. That’s funny, that movie would have never existed!

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